Friday, 14 February 2014

Trees in Love - Happy Valentine!

During our recent inspiration trip to the snowy Tourujoenlaakso, we encountered these trees in love. They greeted us by the lake Tuomiojärvi (literally The Doom Lake). This is truly love until death, as those red marks are most likely execution plans for these poor birches, lightened up by a romantic passer-by. I immediately thought I would like to share this view with you and saved it to until this special day.
Red Rhinestone Earrings by Arx Rosarum (Finland); Red Heart Brooches by Sweetkeetle (Russia); Valentine's Day Card by Avenir Cards (Sweden); Amigurumi Bunny by Sobeide Creatures (Finland).
But of course I couldn't stay with just that. Those hearts got me so inspired I wanted to share more. So in the memory of our late Friday game, I gathered here a collection of red hearts, all from the hands of Northern European artisans.
The Prey by Hidden Eloise (United Kingdom).
As a cherry on the cake, enjoy this charming picture by one of my favorite fairy tale artists, Hidden Eloise. Happy Valentine!


  1. Love those trees! Thank you for including my bunny :)

  2. Awesome idea to draw hearts on the trees, and it makes such a nice picture too!
    Thanks for including my card!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Lovely moodboard!!
    Happy Valentine's Day!