Friday, 28 June 2013

Cats of Rome

Historically layered, Rome offers many nice surroundings for cats. In Forum Romanum and other ancient locations, many cats enjoyed taking naps in the holes of ruins. Their lazy look was rather concealing as they all became active before I had my camera ready. This one I encountered in the Communal Monumental Cemetery of Campo Verano. It’s a gorgeous graveyard; I should share some other photos of the place too.
Places like Largo di Torre Argentina are like reservations for cats. This ancient area is situated in the center of Rome; it’s fenced and never open for visitors. Famous for its temples and the supposed assassination stage of Julius Caesar, it’s now a kingdom of cats. It was funny to spot all those lazing felines. I think I can see at least one in this picture – can you?
A wanderer in Via Appia.
Outside the Etruscan nekropolis of Cerveteri, there were many curious cuties.
And one grumpy one.
Why do fat cats look like they could talk but they are too lazy to?
Yezzz, I'm the guardian of this cemetery. Need something?


  1. oh, yes, I have memories of those inhabitants of Roma! Your pictures show how at home they are!

  2. Love cats!!! Want to see this by my self!) I hope, some day!

  3. Heh, my boyfriend calls me the cat whisperer. If we come across a cat somewhere I will almost always succeed in petting the cat or even make it come to me (some quite enthousiastically) for some petting and general attention.

    Over the years I'm pretty sure I've rewired my brain to instantly spot cats everywhere :D

  4. :D to the last one :D

    Still hate cats though, sorry...

  5. Hah! Muistan varsin hyvin nuo Cerveterin kissalaumat kun joku sattui reppua avaamaan tai paperia rapistelemaan....! ;D