Friday, 7 June 2013

Friday Outfit: Thunderstorm

Handmade Steampunk Goggles by Mann&Co (Israel); Vintage Storm Brooch from My Wandering Eye (USA); Flower Hairpins by LucieTales (France); Black Feather Cape by Imaginarium Apparel (UK).
After the long heat it was such a relief a thunderstorm stroke yesterday - even though the rain was so fierce it drenched everything, including me. Somebody in our team mentioned storms are ok if you are properly dressed and that evolved into a thought about the dress code for thunderstorms. So here we are! My first thought was of course the mythic bird of storm with huge black wings and tail, soaring among the exploding clouds and slashing bolts. To celebrate the thunder, I picked an imposing feather cape, protective eyewear (available with different lens colors), a mood suiting brooch and fancy hairpins like stormy fireworks. See all Friday Outfits in the blog of our team captain Star of the East.


  1. Oh this is how you dress up for thunderstorms! Definitely makes them more fun :D

  2. Wow! very powerful!!
    I love your picks!

  3. great outfit! really unique!

  4. WOw! Outstanding outfit!
    I love the steampunk gothic accent!
    Thank you so very much Ruusu, I'm honored :D

  5. Very dramatic and very fabulous!