Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Green Hideout

Ciao, I'm back! I returned from Italy on Saturday night. After hours of travel, it was such a heavenly feeling to arrive in a lush, sleeping allotment garden. A cozy small cottage, blooming apple trees, nightingales and blackbirds keeping their incredible serenades - what could be a better place to relax after a long journey?

During one morning, while having an outdoor breakfast we got a very special guest. A fox! It stood so close we hardly believed our eyes. The poor tramp was looking and sniffing around and then calmly continued its way. I wonder why it was there and did it eventually find what was looking for.

Now I'm back to my own residence, and I just saw I took over 3,500 photos on my trip! I suppose it will take a few days to go through all of them... My time in Italy was very inspiring, and during the summer I'm going to arrange some themed topics and share them with you. I already promised I would tell about Villa Lante! 


  1. Beautiful pictures!! maybe we can follow each other, let us know. I'm excited to see the pictures that you took from your trip in Italy
    a beautiful maison

  2. love it when beautiful flowers starts to bloom under the warmer weather<3

    check out my latest blog post featuring mixed outfits!

  3. Beautiful, fabulous, i love roses!
    Hugs, have a great day.

  4. Glad to hear you had a fab time in Italy, Ruusu. You must have photographed everything! Looking forward to seeing more of your photos. x

  5. Thanks everybody!

    @Icarus, I realized later I had even more pics. I had taken part of them out of my memory card to save space. So in total I got over 5,200 photos! I'm trying to pick the best shots here.

  6. Hienoa, maltan tuskin odottaa fiilistelyjäsi! :)